Vertical form fill seal (VFFS) for snacks: Features


  • Continuous motion vertical form fill and seal machine for the handling of heat sealable packaging materials and light laminates from flat film web.


  • Omron Servo driven cross sealing jaws for up/down, jaw closing motion, film drive transport belts and back sealing station (various available to suit film type)
  • All operational parameters such as bag length, sealing time and speed are fully programmable and stored in the 100 program Omron PLC.
  • Manual film tracking adjustment.
  • Stacking light (3-coloured)
  • Registration mark sensor / path adjustment
  • Jaw jam detection (encoder type) / pisd
  • Safety Air Dump Valve cat 3
  • Electrical panels with key locks
  • Machine interior lighting
  • Photocell unit for print mark detection.
  • Clever cross jaw product in seal detection
  • Chain bag
  • Fixed product discharge chute,
  • Pneumatic valves: Festo
  • Cross seal width: 10 mm, Vertical seal width 10mm
  • Rotary back seal band
  • Machine Frame designed to integrate a Multiheadweigher.
  • Lock out tag out machine isolation.
  • CE certified
  • Machine specification options for selection
  • Dial adjustment for registration mark sensor positioning – Registration mark sensor mounted on screw thread with dial and adjustment handle.


  • Full tube formers set’s



  • Safeline signature model with two off flexible transfer chutes
  • Throughput aperture: 175mm. White paint finish
  • Sensitivity. Fe 1.2 Non-Fe 1.5 SS 1.8
  • 1 Flexible PolyEurothene Metal Detector chute for contoured product transition on small bags
  • Swinging mounting arm for Metal detector
  • Integrated between Bagmaker and Scale to hold the metal detector securely in place Includes a swinging arm for ease of chute removal.


  • Printer bracket with dial readout
  • Suspension for printing unit with adjustable film wrap around roller and dial adjustment positioning.


  • Markem X45
  • Printhead width: 53 mm
  • Print speed: Continuous: 30 to 600 mm/s
  • Print area:
  • – Continuous: 32 mm or 53 mm x 250 mm
  • Print features:
  • – Automatic printhead setup
  • – Detect: Dead-dot detection. Quick change printhead
  • – Intermittent or continuous printing
  • – Easily change from left to right hand with no additional parts
  • – Gap between prints: 0.5 mm
  • – Automatic shift codes and serial numbers
  • – Multiple variable user input


  • Takeaway Conveyor inclined
  • Inclined takeaway conveyor with fixed tunnel guard powered from the bagmaker.


  • Gusset system above and below the jaw to create dual side gusset bag.
  • Static reduction system for high dust application
  • Former Dust extraction system inner tube and vacuum
  • Splicing table with automatic film clamping feature – Splicing table at the rear of the machine that automatically clamps the film if the film real ends.
  • Chain bag feature – Selectable Chain of bags that are sealed but not cut. Perforated or non-perforated options available


  • Modbus communication for the complete system
  • Communication to bagmaker and weigher so production data can be collected via a Modbus network.
  • With Modbus suitably connected to the internet, it allows you to carry out a first phase of remote assistance, but this service is only for breakdowns, under fees, and does not replace the start-up.


  • Yamato Dataweigh ADW 314 S Multihead Weigher (MHW)
  • Number weigh buckets: Weighing range: 8 – 1.000 g
  • target volume: 3.000 cc in single dump
  • product piece length: 80 mm
  • Electrical protection: IP 54
  • Material: All parts in contact with the product: stainless steel SUS 304 (1.4301), plain plate
  • Machine frame: painted steel (clear white).
  • Control unit: RCU 920, color touch screen.
  • Model including: Infeed funnel, Infeed ring with individual fingers, 15° single top cone, single opening feed and weigh buckets ,60° upper chutes and funnel and clear polycarbonate parabolic funnel.


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