Seasoning equipment for snacks: Features


  • 2 different seasoning simultaneously are possible
  • Stainless Steel 316, No corrosion from salt or chemical agents while sanitation
  • Different drum shapes, each one is studied for specific products
  • Different drum gates, each one is studied for specific products
  • Removable main Trail for sanitation
  • Left / Right machine are available


  • IP 65
  • Stainless steel both outside & inside
  • Soft curves equipment
  • No
  • All Devices fully removable and washable.


Compact equipment for medium productions designed to work at the end of the line. In this way different aromas can be applied simultaneously giving flexibility to the process. Each of our teams analyzes the quantity of product that a continuous weighing system carries, applying only the percentage of aroma previously programmed in the software, which guarantees that the quantity is adequate, in this way the customer’s recipes are protected with different types of aromas.


  • Stainless Steel 316
  • Very Light
  • Different drums shapes, each one is studied for specific products
  • Different drum gates, each one is studied for specific products
  • Drum Quick release


  • Receive product that arrives from the inbox
  • Removable
  • Contains a weighing system which measure continuously the products flow


  • Liquid atomization system proportionally controlled by the weighing system.


  • Specific movement to generate a shade of homogeneous aromas.
  • Integrated system for detecting aromas and non-stick surfaces.
  • Weighing method that measures the amount of aroma applied throughout the process.


  • Curved tray for maximum capacity
  • Compact and modular equipment, with display meter and built-in electric box
  • Adjustable heights According to needs
  • Output of the drum configurable and with a geometry that avoids dead spaces
  • built-in or separate airtight electrical box
  • Dispenser and switchboard with interchangeable position
  • Available with interchangeable augers according to the product
  • flavor Tray FDS 500
  • color touch screen
  • Remote access system from our facilities
  • Operation directly before the multi-head to avoid contamination of the line.
  • Precision weighing system for load cells
  • System of calibration of aromas using load cells
    As option
  • Oil system with high precision sprayers
  • System of calibration of oil by flowmeter
  • Oiling system with different operating modes.
  • Oil tank with level sensors.


  • This service is only for breakdowns, under fees, and does not replace the start-up.

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