Challenges in Snacks production Efficiency? We make it happen


Challenges in Snacks production Efficiency? We make it happen!


Efficiency is the ability to avoid wasting materials, energy, effort, money and time in doing something or producing a desired result.

In a more general sense, it is the ability to do things well, successfully and without waste.

Improving business efficiency ‘Productive Efficiency’ is the fundamental goal that every company sets itself.

An important step in achieving improvement is to define which inefficiencies are to be “attacked”.

In order to define the inefficiencies to attack, in a company that produces snacks, ESG-Italy employs experts with proven experience in the sector who, through a free audit, are able to identify any inefficiencies and propose a solution.



Which ESG-Italy Products and/or Services contribute to improving production efficiency?

I – Production balance

Producing more does not necessarily mean increasing revenues. The correct balance between production and packaging prevents the occurrence of waste. This process of ‘Efficiency’, which is hardly taken into account, can lead to considerable added value and therefore profits.

Thanks to ESG-Italy’s proprietary software, ESG-Italy intervenes within the production flow, guaranteeing the best balance between all the production processes, from frying to distribution to seasoning and packaging, optimising the entire production cycle.

II – Production Planning Software

One of the most important production KPIs is the quantity of snacks produced in a given period of time.

The quantity produced indicates the number of pieces produced by each machine or process and measures the productivity of both the production cycle and the shift.

Correct production planning improves the efficiency of the machines and a consequent increase in the quantity produced.

ESG has developed software that enables effective production planning. Based on the company’s requirements, production capacities and packaging capacities, the software proposes a daily/weekly/monthly schedule that optimises the load of the packaging machines, improving efficiency and ensuring that the company’s targets are met.

III – Simulation Software Extension

When does the time come to replace or add a specific machine?

Are the company’s requirements guaranteed by the current fleet of machines?

Is it possible to add a new reference without increasing the existing machine park?

Using the ESG-Italy production simulation software, it is possible to verify the actual annual production capacity of the machine park by interpolating production data, packaging capacities and desired production requirements. The simulator data, compared with the actual capacity of the machines, allows you to evaluate the efficiency of the production and packaging system.




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